Monthly Insights #003

March has been an intense month. Here are my recommended learning tools, resources for mental health support and ways you can help your community during this time.

Hi 👋!

How are you doing? I hope this newsletter finds you well during these challenging times and if you are struggling, be sure to check out my article below for some resources on mental health that could help.

This month has been intense: from heading to Vietnam on holiday, the anxiety and uncertainty of coronavirus and cutting the holiday short to return home safely while we could, to full lockdown and curating a new routine whilst staying at home.

On a positive note, in response to the crisis, many events are now happening remotely and there are many ways you can get involved to help support your communities and those at the front line. If you’re looking for inspiration or to learn new skills check out the resources below! It also gives us more time to do the things we enjoy, if you’re looking for books to read, why not take a look at my Book Tracker to find something that interests you.

📰Latest Posts

  1. Reflections on self-isolating: Including resources and tips on working from home, managing your mental health and helping within your community during the coronavirus outbreak.

  2. Chapter by chapter breakdown: Atomic Habits by James Clear: One sentence summaries for each chapter of the book to emphasise the key points.

You can also find a selection of my articles on Medium.

🔍Top resources

This month’s recommended resources from across the web and beyond!

  • Ben Kadel’s YouTube channel: Ben is an Android Developer and shares fantastic tips and tutorials on all things coding including a series on Git!

  • Kaggle COVID-19 challenge: If you’re wanting to contribute in this time of crisis, there are several challenges and datasets available to help with research & forecasting of COVID-19.

  • Global AI Community: On the 8th of April, the Global AI Community is hosting a 30-hour live event featuring some fantastic speakers and topics!


  • 365DataScience are offering their courses for free until April 15th!
    There’s a selection of courses on statistics, R, Python, SQL, data cleaning & visualisation, and machine & deep learning.


Self-isolation has given me time to establish a routine and get back into projects!

  • SpeakersLive: This month, we’ve made huge progress with SpeakersLive this month. Craig has been working on the final tickets and I’ve been re-working the copy on the landing page and we’re hoping to get this launched very soon! It’s really exciting to see this project come to life and can’t wait to share it with you too!

  • Data science techniques: I’ve started each day while working from home with some data science learning - brushing up on statistical methods using python. I’ve been having fun creating visualisations with seaborn and matplotlib and have a few new ideas for future data science projects.

📚This month’s reading list

With my daily commute at the start of March and heading on holiday, I was able to keep reading! Since then I’ve found it hard to get in the right headspace for reading but Audible have made hundreds of titles free so I might give that a go!

#005: Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones by James Clear ✭✭✭✭✩

#006: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon ✭✭✭✭✩

⭐️Inspired by Zoe Chew’s Reading Tracker, I created my own! Check it out here!

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